USACO Train Problems

July 9th, 2019

USACO Train Problems

These are solutions to the USACO (a yearly programming competition) training problems. These are problems that provided by the organizers of the competition to help practice programming concepts that are used in the contest. It involves sorting, searching, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming, graph algorithms, and much more. These problems have made me realize that programming is really 10% of learning a language and 90% of developing solutions. This is why I love programming so much and have dedicated so much time in learning it, because of the problem-solving aspect of it. I enjoy learning algorithms and creating solutions is because of the satisfaction of having worked hard on planning, developing, and debugging a program that can solve a given task under 1 second and use less than 16 megabytes of memory. I hope to accomplish from completing these problems is to have a foundational understanding of programming problem solving so I can apply these skills to large projects, college courses and possibly my future career. 

These solutions demonstrate the level of learning of programming that I have achieved and capability that I have for programming and computer science.

Note: Any code or implementation that I have copied (I rewrite it in my style so I can better understand) is cited accordingly. I make sure that I understand the code, so I can utilize it for future problems. Sometimes the tasks that they provide are beyond my knowledge, so I instead have to compromise developing an original solution and instead learn and research the concept itself from someone else's solution.

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Solutions to practice problems for the USACO competitive programming contest

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